Nearly 40 Years of the Honda Civic

The Honda Civic stormed North America in the fuel hungry times of the early 1970’s. The Civic was first sold in North America in 1972, although it was named the 1973 Civic. The engine was a mere 1.2 liters and the vehicle was so notorious for early body rust in the first three years, especially on cars that were driven where road salt was used, that safety recalls were issued. For the 1970’s, the Civic was produced as a two door coupe or a three door hatchback. The 1980’s brought the four-door Civic Sedan. In 1984, the first version of the Civic SI was introduced in Japan and the USA. In the United States, the SI was in the form of the two-cheater CRUX. From 1980 to 1983, Honda offered the ground breaking semi-automatic transmission in the Civics as japan honda civic, which was the predecessor of their current automatic transmission. The Honda Civic was designated a subcompact vehicle from 1973 until 2000. With the 2001 version, the seventh generation Civic came the re designation to the compact car. The car is in its eighth generation, an era that lasted from 2006 to the current 2011 version. Sometime in late spring or early summer of 2011, the ninth generation Civic will be brought on the market as the 2012 model.

The Honda Civic Coupe and Civic Sedan have together sold 1.6 million units in Canada alone since 1973. 2010 marked the 13thyear in a row that the Civic was the number one selling automobile in Canada. All Civics, except the Hybrid model, are built right in Canada at the Honda Production Plant in Allison, Ontario. The ninth generation Civic will be sleeker and sportier than the current version. The vehicle will be introduced in the traditional coupe, sedan, SI and hybrid models as well as a natural gas powered version. Rumors abound that the standard 2012 Civic will feature an engine similar to the 2011 SI model and the 2012 SI will be enlarged in size to a 2.4 liter engine. We’ll all have to wait to the product launch to find out for certain.

Honda Civic: Honda’s Blue Eyed Boy

One of the largest manufacturers of passenger cars, Honda of Japan is renowned all over the world for the superior quality and comfort of their cars. Honda cars have a reputation of being most reliable and are enjoyed by owners for a long time without any trouble. Honda civic is a golden boy from the stable of Honda. It was first manufactured in 1970 and has been a darling of the car owners for the last 40 years. It is a very fuel efficient and fashionable car from Honda. Honda have been known to produce cars that are high on performance and do not believe in unnecessary frills. Honda Civic was one of the first hybrid cars of the world. With the price of gas increasing rampantly, it came as a breath of fresh air for the people. It is a very cost efficient car and reduces expense on transportation. Honda civic is a sports car that gives high fuel efficiency without compromising on a high performing engine. It is really fun to drive this car as it has an aerodynamic body that reduces friction to a minimum. For those who want a stylish car without giving up on fuel efficiency and comfort, Honda Civic is got to be the first choice. As this car combines electric power with gas, it gives a better mileage which makes millions go for this beautiful car. Along with Honda accord, Civic has been ruling the roost for the last so many years. Civic had modest beginning as it was made fun of, on American roads as it appeared small in comparison to big cars. But very soon, it made a name for itself because of its features and unparalleled comfort and economy. The time in the 70’s when there was a shortage of gas all around, Honda civic caught the fancy of the people as it was the most fuel efficient car around. It has been a loved car of the people since then for being a very reliable and fuel efficient car. It is a preferred hatchback of millions of families for all the comfort it provides to them. Not many people know it, but Civic is one model that accounts for almost a third of the total car sales made by Honda worldwide. Civic is perhaps one of the most comfortable cars when it comes to driving in city conditions and this explains the high number of cars sold all over the world every year.

Growing Honda Sales Could Result to New Engine Plant

Honda Motor Co. expects to get a 5 percent increase in sales in the global auto market. The increase is attributed to the purchase of 3.55 million vehicles this year. Sales is also expected to boom ever more hence; Honda plans to open a new engine plant in Japan to cope with the growing demands. Honda will spend 25 billion yen ($211 million) to create the mentioned engine plant. The latter is intended to be built in Samaritan prefecture (north of Tokyo). Production of Honda vehicles in said plant will start in mid-2009. Its annual capacity is 200,000 units. The automaker, famed for its reliable auto parts Honda, has established a reputable name in the manufacture of robots, motorbikes, light aircraft, and cars. The assembly of Honda Civic car parts and those of other cars and minivans are meticulously supervised to secure overall quality. Civic compact and Odyssey minivan are expected to produce a 3 percent increase (about 1.51 million vehicles) this year. The sales will mark a good record for 10 continuous years. In the United States, the sales record of sport utility vehicles and light trucks is on the rise. This is reflected in the sales of Honda CR-V. In this regard, Honda experienced an overseas increase making it land on Japan’s No.3 automaker. The data was divulged by Takeo Fukuoka, Honda’s president. Fukuoka added, “To meet demand Honda’s Mexico plant would begin making CR-Vs in late 2007. CR-V was loosely derived from Civic. Honda CR-V parts are engineered to satisfy the cravings of sport utility fanatics. The 2007 redesigned version of CR-V will be sharing platform with Acura RD X. “Overseas sales are booming across the board, but conditions in the home market have been difficult,” Fukuoka said. “We hope to strengthen our product offerings and revitalize the flagging market.” Auto business is expected to be brisk and sales are expected to be up next year. But for Honda and other auto giants, brisk sales have started. In fact, this year in Europe Honda made an 8 percent increase (about 310,000 units). It is expected to rise by 13 percent to 350,000 next year.

Honda Cars – Well Appreciated for Their Glossy Looks

At present, both Honda sedans and SUV are getting immense popularity among the people. In car manufacturing market, Honda cars are marketed and manufactured by Honda Riel Cars India Ltd. It is joint effort of Honda Motor Co. Ltd. Japan and Riel Ltd which was was first introduced in 1997. After 14 years now, Honda cars are well appreciated for their glossy looks and relaxing features. Honda Jazz: It is a stylish hatchback car provides feeling of excellent driving and unforgettable journey. This automobile is outfitted with admirable features like stylish appearance, front stabilizer bars, bigger interior space, electric power steering, ABS brakes, and comfortable adjustable seating. It is available in different variants available that includes Jazz, Jazz Mode and Jazz Active. Additionally, it has dominant i-VTEC Engine. As far as size of the Honda Jazz is concerned, it has length of 3900mm, width of 1695 and height of 1535mm. Honda Civic: It is one of luxurious sedan model from Honda in India. It is equipped with advanced features and provides great value of money to its potential buyers. It is available in both petrol engine and related with the both manual and automatic transmission alternatives. It has good looking interiors and exteriors and packed with full comforts. When it comes to different variants, this model is available in Civic 1.8 S MT, Civic 1.8 V MT and more. The complete record of Honda cars in India includes the City, Civic, Accord and CR-V. However, Honda City ZX is the vehicle well known among the Indian consumers for a longer period and brakes all the exceptional sales figures.

Honda Motor Company Developing New Hybrid Cars

Electric cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles have been at the center of the recent research development effort from most automotive companies. It is not a secret that today’s consumers want fuel efficient Eco friendly cars, and they wanted them yesterday. This has led to a scramble for automotive companies to nab thousands of buyers who are awaiting the right electric or hybrid car for their daily life. Recently the Honda Motor Company has announced its outlined plan for the company’s push to develop fuel efficient and Eco friendly cars for the United States and Japanese markets. A plug in from the company is expected to go on sale as soon as 2012. They will use the next generation Honda Civic model to introduce the company’s first hybrid with a lithium-ion battery. The Honda Civic is one of the company’s most successful cars and it will serve as an excellent way to start gaining customers that are worried about the fuel efficiency of their cars.

Honda’s new aggressive plan to introduce new fuel efficient cars in the United States includes the participation of Stanford University, Google Inc., and the City of Torrance, CA. Torrance is expected to get the first plug-in hybrid test vehicle in the United States this year. The plan seems to be nearing its final stages as Honda rolls out its test vehicles in the United States and Japan. The company should see some immediate success with the introduction of the Civic hybrid because of the cars already high sales numbers and well known brand name.

Honda Electric Cars – The Wave of the Future

Honda is a world leader when it comes to automotive innovation. Paving the way with new innovations in the field of electrical powered vehicles Honda is making a resurgence in this field. While electric vehicles are nothing new and have been around almost since the day the automobile was born, however their ability to become a mainstay in the car market has been a long road due to many constraints such as range and affordability. Due to lack of marketing electric vehicles never really caught on and was overpowered by the gas engine vehicles. However, more-so now than ever electric vehicles are making a push into a wider market based on the demand for cleaner cars, and the environmental pressures continually being put on auto manufacturers today. As our awareness of our cars effects on the planet became more well known, there began resurgence in development in electric automobile technology. Honda had made much new advancement in battery technology, which was by far one of the major problems with electric vehicles. However despite tremendous breakthroughs in battery technology, range of electric powered vehicles was still limited, and as such demand for such vehicles continued to be limited. Until recently very few automakers have made the push in marketing electric cars on a broader range. Honda is now pushing harder than ever in their marketing efforts for them and anticipates that by the year 2020 that 10% of all their car sales will be of electric cars. Their strategy is a smart one, with oil prices continuing to raise the desire for more fuel efficient autos also rise, and with these cars requiring no fuel, the attraction is growing.

A recent study was done in Japan in which consumers were asked what type of vehicle they would most likely consider buying for their next car, the study concluded that 9% of all respondents chose an electric vehicle for their next car purchase, and in the US the same study concluded that 8% of American’s would chose an EVE for their next car. With the growing interest in cleaner burning, zero emission vehicles, manufacturers are starting to make the shift, to what will ultimately reduce carbon emissions drastically by 2050. Honda has been developing battery technology for over 17 years and recently conceptualized several models which it says will be in production by 2012. No longer will they be concepts sitting on a chalkboard, but real working models that will include models such as the Honda Civic and Honda Accord. Their goal; to provide reliable affordable vehicles that are not only sleek and stylish, but also provide practical appeal as well. Although these types of cars have been around for the better part of a century Honda is eager to take the lead in developments of new technology that will benefit us all, as well as our environment.